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Welcome to the future of safety - Revolutionize Safety with AI Surveillance

Our AI surveillance tirelessly watches over your workplace, detecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance, unsafe acts, restricted areas, evacuation scenarios, ergonomic issues, and even fall detection in real time. 

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AI-Powered PPE Detection Software Dashboard

We are excited to introduce a cutting-edge solution that not only detects Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance but also empowers you with real-time insights, analytics, and a user-friendly interface to enhance safety protocols and compliance within your organization.

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Have a look of How AI PPE detection software works!

Welcome to a safer, smarter workplace with AI surveillance.

ai ppe detection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance

Ensuring Every Life is Safeguarded

AI surveillance can actively monitor and ensure that all employees are wearing the necessary PPE, from helmets to gloves, ensuring their safety and compliance with regulations.

Unsafe act

Preventing Unsafe Acts

An Extra Set of Watchful Eyes

AI surveillance systems can identify and alert to unsafe behaviors and actions, empowering organizations to take immediate corrective measures, thereby preventing accidents and fostering a culture of safety.

Geo fencing

Geo-fencing (Restricted Area Monitoring

Access Control with Precision

AI surveillance can effectively detects unauthorized entry and sending instant alerts to security personnel, reducing security risks and maintaining confidentiality.

Evacuation Scenario Detection

Rapid Response to Emergencies

AI surveillance can automatically detect emergency situations, such as fires or natural disasters, and facilitate swift evacuations, saving lives and minimizing damage.


Ergonomic/Posture Issue Recognition

Nurturing Employee Well-being

AI surveillance can assess workplace ergonomics, identifying potential issues and suggesting improvements to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and enhance employee well-being.

Fall Detection

People Lifesaver

AI surveillance excels in detecting falls, whether in construction sites or industrial settings, enabling immediate response and medical attention, ultimately saving lives.

Mobile app notification:

Our AI surveillance system constantly monitors your premises, identifying potential safety hazards and incidents as they occur. When an issue is detected, whether it’s unauthorized access, PPE violations, or other safety concerns, you’ll receive an instant alert on your mobile device.


AI PPE Detection Software deployment option

Permit to work software_cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Secure and efficient cloud hosting for PPE detection software, ensuring accessibility and data protection.

Permit to work software_On premise

On Premise

Our on-premise solution for PPE detection system offers enhanced control and security by hosting the software and data within your organization's infrastructure, providing full control over customization and data privacy.

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