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Our Near Miss Software empowers you to proactively identify potential hazards, prevent accidents, and foster a culture of safety. We offer a powerful solution to effectively capture, track, and analyze near miss incidents within your organization. 

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Why Ehs4safety Near miss software

Our Near Miss Software provides a user-friendly interface for reporting near miss incidents. Employees can quickly and easily submit near miss reports, capturing crucial details such as date, time, location, description, and contributing factors. This encourages a proactive reporting culture, enabling the identification of potential hazards before they escalate into accidents.

Our software offers centralized incident management, allowing you to track and manage near miss incidents from start to finish. It provides a unified platform to capture, store, and analyze near miss data, ensuring all incidents are appropriately recorded and followed up on.

Our Near Miss Software streamlines the incident management process with automated workflows. Near miss reports are assigned to the relevant personnel for investigation and resolution. If necessary, incidents can be escalated to higher levels of management or safety professionals for further analysis and corrective actions. This ensures timely and effective response to near miss incidents.

The Near miss reporting software can be customized to align with your organization’s specific reporting requirements, incident categories, and workflows.

Gain valuable insights from our software’s advanced analytics and reporting features. Analyze near miss data to identify trends, common causes, and areas of high risk. Generate reports that provide visual representations of near miss incidents, trends, and mitigation efforts. These insights help in making data-driven decisions and implementing targeted preventive measures to reduce future incidents.

Our software supports compliance with safety regulations and standards. It helps you capture and document near miss incidents as part of your safety management program. By having a robust near miss reporting system in place, you demonstrate your commitment to safety and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Permit To Work system deployment option

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Cloud Hosting

Secure and efficient cloud hosting for permit to work management, ensuring accessibility and data protection.

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On Premise

Our on-premise solution for permit to work management offers enhanced control and security by hosting the software and data within your organization's infrastructure, providing full control over customization and data privacy.

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