Workplace Safety Solution to Shipbuilding Industry

Welcome to the future of safety and efficiency in the electronic industry. We understand the dynamic nature of electronic manufacturing and the need for robust Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Our innovative technologies are designed to elevate safety protocols, streamline operations, and drive productivity in electronic industries.

Safety solution to shipbuilding industry

Our Advanced Solution

Safety solution to shipbuilding industry with Cutting-edge EHS and AI Solutions

EHS Safety Software

Our EHS software suite is tailored to the dynamic needs of the shipbuilding industry, encompassing essential modules such as permit-to-work, incident management, near misses reporting, audits, risk assessment, and training management etc. With features like customizable workflows, real-time notifications, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, shipbuilders can efficiently manage safety protocols, identify areas for improvement, and proactively address potential risks. Our EHS software empowers organizations to enhance worker safety, minimize downtime, and optimize productivity in the challenging shipbuilding environment.

AI for workplace safety

Our PPE detection utilizes computer vision algorithms to ensure compliance with personal protective equipment regulations, while fall detection systems automatically alert supervisors to potential accidents, mitigating risks in real-time. AI-driven analysis of worker behavior enables the identification of unsafe acts, facilitating targeted interventions for improved safety culture. Headcount monitoring provides accurate tracking of personnel in large-scale operations, enhancing emergency response readiness and evacuation planning.

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