Digital Work Permit: Enhancing Construction Sites

digital work permit


Construction industries comprises high rated risk involved tasks where there are more hazards rectified while work contracts are undertaken. Usually the contracts undertaken by construction industries are more than 6 months and the end period will be determined as per contract agreed.

Permit to work system procedures are applicable to all the contracts that the construction industry agrees to. Identifying the difficulties faced by them in the manual paper based process of work permit as it is time consuming, late approval, increase of risk and inefficiencies.

This led them to transformation of digital solution work permits with enhanced technology and ensuring increased efficiency, Safety and Sustainability.


Electronic Permit to work Software is a significant tool and techniques used for streamlined and efficient process systems for management of works permit at construction sites. Digital permit to work software defines hazards clearly along with required precautionary measures that need to be taken by workers.

The digital transformation of permit to work aims at optimized workflow projects and outcomes of projects are enhanced.


  • Simple and Easy Permit Creation: Permits can be customized and created easily by construction industry as per the contract digitally. Streamline the process of issuing work permits to contractors.
  • Quick Permit Approval: Digital permit facilitate construction team faster approval time by submitting and tracking application digitally. It manages updates and approval of permits by using tablets or smartphones anywhere.
  • Real Time Dashboards: Through real time dashboards the construction industry managers supervisors safety officer can easily view the permit active status in real time. This enhances real time monitoring to create safer work environment and reduce risk by construction operations.
  • Quick Decision Making: E-ptw provides construction team to access the recorded information instantly whenever required to enhance control and visibility of both planned and ongoing work status to take quick decision.
  • Real Time Analysis: Analyzing of real time risk data can prevent an increased security risk. This allows construction company to avoid an incident with proactive measures.
  • Risk Assessment: Digital work permit provides risk assessment feature to construction team it helps them to identify the potential risk and ensures corrective precaution measure taken as per the risk identified before starting the task by workers.
  • Safety Check: Digital work permit enhance security check in with valid document check support before starting the that construction team can ensure safety through safety checks and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Employees Training: Digital work permit facilitate the construction team to verify the employees are qualified and trained to undertake specific task so that it ensures safety and provides skillful knowledge to worker regarding the task the perform and risk involved in it.
  • Accountability: Digital work permit enhances the efficiency by saving cost of construction industry and improves audit, inspection and accountability with safety compliance regulations.


Transformation of Digital Permit To Work enhances construction sites with greater efficiency, advanced safety standards, increased productivity with reduced risk and cost leads the construction industries to have perpetual existence in the market field with high rate of profit and success.  

Transform your construction site safety and efficiency with digital work permits.

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